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The Media Campus at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences unifies all courses that belong to the faculty of media that regroups the disciplines of media, information, journalism, marketing and public relations in online communication. Students at the Media Campus can qualify themselves for various jobs in the media industry. The teaching offer includes courses in online journalism, social media management, online marketing, public relation, information management, game development, animation expertise, interaction- and interface-design as well as expertise in movies and sounds. The course range runs on both bachelor- and master level.

By Nilay Siner

Quelle: Steven Wolf/h_da

Quelle: Steven Wolf/h_da

Across forty thousand square meters, the campus in Dieburg offers enough space for numerous lectures and seminars, specialised studios, laboratories, conferences and workspaces. The campus also supplies valuable equipment for students. With their campus card students have flexible access to rooms and devices; they can also get a license for equipment rental to borrow the necessary gear for specific projects. This ranges from high-quality microphones, to professional photo and video cameras and lenses, to a wide range of accessories and lighting technology.

Café Zeitraum – For everyone who loves coffee and people

Everyone needs a pause every now and then. So when the day gets long and tiredness kicks in, students meet at the café Zeitraum. It is a dynamic hub where they can relax or talk, but where they are also able to work on some projects. It’s not a secret that the café offers the best coffee on campus as well as various soft drinks and pastries. From time to time, the student council throws a party in this colourful room. Opening hours: Mo, We–Fr 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., Tue 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

For the extra portion of motivation

Students who need to relieve all their brainwork and let steam out can join an activity they pick from the various sport programs. No matter if they like to play soccer, handball, swimming or do yoga. The sports center is located at the basement of the canteen. Students are able to work out, do cardio, lift weights or join training classes. The college sports in Darmstadt organises also a lot of activities.


Roland Joachim
Max-Planck-Straße 2, 64807 Dieburg
Building F01, Room 106
Phone: 06151/168086
E-mail: hochschulsport@h-da.de

Perfect work environment at the Campus Library

At the campus library, students can find the right literature for every project: from textbooks and manuals to trade journals and e-books up to digital resources. At the same time, the library offers an excellent work environment including open and rentable workstations as well as printers.


For when you get hungry: The Canteen

From 11.30 a.m. the canteen offers hot meals – right on time when the stomach starts to growl. Besides meals with fish and meat, there are also vegetarian and vegan options. Therefore, students with all dietary needs and preferences will find their match. The salad bar and the French fries are permanently on offer. Students can also grab coffee, snacks or sandwiches in the canteen before lectures start; this comes especially handy for late sleeper who have no time for breakfast at home. Check the menu here.

Let’s make some blockbusters for the campus cinema

The campus cinema is the perfect place for students to present and discuss their movie projects. It is also excellent for lectures or previews. The place was set up as a self-initiative by some students and co-workers and includes a bar and popcorn machine in the anteroom.

For students from abroad and the ones who want to go there

Students who have questions about planning and financing foreign stays can refer to the International Office in Dieburg. The staff can help with all concerns about exchange semesters, internships or short stays in Europe or overseas.


Ms. Jessica Mayer
Max-Planck-Straße 2, 64807 Dieburg
Building F01, Room 110
Phone: 06151-169285
E-mail: dieburg.international@h-da.de
Or click here to visit the website of the international office.

English Courses

At the Media Campus of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, students will be prepared for various jobs in the media industry. Each of the degree and courses teach a different field in media, which makes the campus a creative place for people who think outside the box.

There are about 35 professors with lots of experience in economics, 150 lecturers with hands-on experience and several qualified teachers for special projects, laboratory engineers and science staff. Students can benefit from their support and knowledge. Most of the degree courses contain an internship semester. There is also the option to go abroad. All studies at the Media Campus are accredited and their level of quality is regularly reviewed.

Here is a list of bachelor- and master courses in English:

Animation & Game

Animation & Game will train students in character design and storytelling, 2D and 3D animation, game development and programming.

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Language of Education: English
Focus Options: Game Development, Design, Technical Art
Standard Period of Study: 7 semesters
Start: winter term
College Tuitions: None
Application Deadline: 1st of June
Selection Procedure: Yes
Pre Internship: No
Visit the Course Page here.

International Media Cultural Work

Students graduating from International Media Cultural Work will qualify as fantastic imaginative leaders in the field of digital media culture and its technologies.

Degree: Master of Arts
Language of Education: English
Standard Period of Study: 3 semesters
Start: winter and summer term
College Tuitions: None
Application Deadline: 15th of July for domestic applicants, 1st of July for international applicants
Selection Procedure: Yes
Pre Internship: Yes
Visit the Course Page here.

Leadership in the Creative Industries

The Leadership in the Creative Industries MA Program is dedicated to innovative media concepts and media formats.

Degree: Master of Arts
Language of Education: English
Standard Period of Study: 3 semesters
Start: winter and summer term
College Tuitions: None
Application Deadline: 1st of February
Selection Procedure: Yes
Pre Internship: Yes
Visit the Course Page here.


Quelle: Steven Wolf/h_da


The media department is linked to the media industry in various ways via semester projects, dissertation work and consultation work with a number of relevant institutions and companies. Many degree courses are very practically orientated. Students learn to solve complex tasks, to develop concepts and teamwork. Here you can see various projects from students.

Developing the Media Future

The Institute for Communication and Media (ikum) conducts various research and development projects. Therefore the ikum is not only concerned with developing the future of media but also in conveying many aspects of the real world and workplace in its teaching. Students who work for the ikum can benefit from research experience under guidance and supervision. These students also get the chance for a promotion after their degree. Detailed information on research, development and projects can be found on the website of the Institute of Communication and Media.

Special Features

The media campus has much more to offer than what the lecture schedule suggests. There are various events like guest lectures, conferences, barcamps, and parties to name a few.

Media Monday – Talks of people from the industry
The Media Monday is a public series of lectures and a solid tradition at the media campus. The event is very inspirational for students, because they can discuss with professionals from the media industry and listen to them talking about their projects and workflow insights. The series shows the wide range of possibilities of employment in the media field. Attendance to the series is free. Check the current dates here.

Science Wednesday – Lunch talk for science interested students
The Science Wednesday is a public scientific lecture series that takes place a number of times during the semester from 1.30 p.m. to 2.15 p.m. in room 14/14. On several Wednesday’s professors, doctoral students and interns report on their research and activities such as reports from research programs but also planned projects. Visitors do not only get to listen to fascinating topics, but they are also welcome to grab some food that is served in the lecture hall. The event is addressed to all members of the h_da, cooperation partners of applied research, as well as interested members of the public. Check the current dates here.

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