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Are you interested in social media, marketing or public relations? Then the bachelor degree course “Online Communication” at the media campus of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt might be the right choice for you.

By Sandra Enard

What is “Online Communication” about?

Within this bachelor degree course, the students can specialize in one of three thematic priorities. The first one is Online Marketing in which students develop social and cross media concepts or learn how SEO works. Online PR, the second choice, concentrates on implementing content strategies for companies or NGOs for example. In the last one, Corporate Learning, students can learn how to design advanced vocational training for staff members online.  The “Online Communication” course regularly starts every winter semester and consists of seven terms in total after which the students then graduate with a Bachelor of Science.

How is the course structured?

In addition to those majors, students need to attend several electives, foreign language courses as well as social and cultural studies to broaden their horizon. After learning all the basics from semester one to three, there are specific group projects in the 4th semester where the students can test their skills in the field of online communication so far. Additionally, all students present their various projects on the  blog of the „Online Communication“ course for everyone to read. In the 5th semester, students need to complete an individual internship they chose themselves and applied for in advance. Here they have the opportunity to test and try what they have learned at university so far.

How can I study “Online Communication”?

As an Erasmus student “Online Communication” is particularly interesting for you, if you are studying PR, Corporate Publishing, Media Management or something similar back home. If your major is rather journalistic, maybe “Online Journalism”, also offered at the media campus, may be a good alternative for you. For exchange students the best time to study “Online Communication” at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt is either the 3rd, 4th or 6th semester.

Especially the 6th semester might be a good choice, since then the students are very free in choosing their courses and it is easier to integrate mainly English speaking students into the program. The head of this bachelor degree course, Prof. Dr. Lars Rademacher, recommends at least basic knowledge in German language anyways to study successfully at the media campus. But don’t hesitate – some of the electives offered each semester are held completely in English.

If you are looking for even more information you can check out the website of the university or of the bachelor degree course itself.


Prof. Dr. Lars Rademacher

Head of “Online Communication”


Tel +49 (0) 6151/16-39224

Prof. Dr. Torsten Schäfer

Foreign Student Adviser


+49 (0) 6071/829291

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