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Moving to Dieburg – useful portrait of a small student’s town

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Living directly in Dieburg will be very advantageous. You save commuting time and often pay a lower rent than in Darmstadt, whereas you still have the opportunity to go to Darmstadt by bus or by train. In the direct vicinity of the campus you can find three student-residence halls to choose from, or could decide to look for private rooms in Dieburg. After moving in, it is important to confirm your new residency at the town hall. For your daily needs, there are several supermarket chains like Aldi, Lidl, Rewe or Kaufland close by. Several restaurants and fast food outlets like McDonalds are located in Dieburg as well. For clothes and other small purchases, you can visit the local shopping arcade with its boutiques and various shops.

By Elisabeth Savin und Jonathan Odin-Gebhardt


Source: city of Dieburg

How to get around

You can travel to Dieburg by train. The station is about 15 minutes away from the campus. There are two bus stops right in front of the building – Hochschule Süd and Hochschule Nord. It takes 30 to 40 minutes from Darmstadt to Dieburg and the busses leave every half hour.

Your student ID-card includes a bus and train ticket for the RMV-area, so you will neither have to pay for travelling to Dieburg or Darmstadt, nor for a trip to Frankfurt, Mainz or Worms. On weekends, however, the busses do not stop at Hochschule Nord or Süd, but at a nearby station. This is particularly important, if you choose to live in a student dorm near the campus. A night out in Darmstadt requires some planning, as there are no connections during the time between midnight and 4 in the morning. If you do not want so sleep at a friends’ house, you will have to call a taxi (about 25 EUR).


Source: city of Dieburg

If you want to make a day trip with your friends and you don’t want to take the train, you can book a car at Book&Drive. You can choose whether you want to keep the car for three days or just one hour and whether you’d like a small, medium-sized or a large car.

Free time activities


There are a few restaurants worth visiting in Dieburg. One of them is Mephisto. It offers breakfast and lunch to affordable prices. A must-try are their pizzas filled with salad. Another one is Römerhalle. It is a rather posh place with cheap food. Mephisto is open from 9 am until 1 am every day, Römerhalle serves meals from Thursdays to Tuesdays from 6 to 9:30 pm.

Sports in Dieburg

Dieburg offers a variety of different sports activities. Pay a visit to the local football club, use the skateboard ground or join the gymnastics group. From table tennis and billiards, basketball and athletics to horse riding and volleyball – there is a club for every interest. In addition you can choose from several fitness centres. You don‘t even have to leave the campus: At the Campus Sport Center make use of the stationary fitness bikes, back trainers and other fitness devices the university provides.

The weekly Yoga sessions take place here, too. The collegiate sport in Dieburg also includes skin-diving, handball and paragliding. Furthermore, between May and September the open air swimming pool of Dieburg opens. There even is a ten-meter tower! If you simply want to take a walk, play badminton with a friend or go for a jog, just explore the near paths through the forest or visit the local park “Schlossgarten” with its meadows and appealing nature right in the centre of Dieburg.

Special cultural events


The Martinsmarkt is one of the annual highlights in Dieburg. It takes place every November and provides booths with food, clothes and jewellery decorating the streets of Dieburg. The mediaeval market around the castle takes you back in time. You can buy princess dresses and wine in flasks, win gold and practice your hunting skills with a bow and arrows.

Karneval, “Fastnacht”

In Germany’s “fifth season” Dieburg goes crazy. Everyone puts on their costumes, gets out their drinks and parties in the town centre. We celebrate Fastnacht to scare away winter with colourful fantasy. From Minions and Superman to pilots and angels, you can meet anything and anyone. You might not recognize Dieburg, though 😉

Christmas Market

Every town in Germany needs it: the Christmas market. The one in Dieburg is small and cozy and seems to be open only for a short time each day. Various booths selling Glühwein (hot wine), waffles, sausages and other tasty treats surround a big christmas tree.


In July, bands bring music to a big festival tent. From Friday to Monday citizens from Dieburg and its surroundings come together to eat, talk and listen.

Further information

Rubbish disposal

One should pay attention to the rules for waste disposal in Germany: Plastic, waste paper and residual waste are collected separately. While waste paper and residual waste go in the dustbin, plastic belongs to the yellow bag. If you happen to run out of those bags, you can just ask for new ones at the following facilities in Dieburg: the Shell gas station (Frankfurter Straße 105), the Jet gas station (Groß-Umstädter Straße 70), the kiosk at the market (Markt 5) and
the Edeka supermarket (Waldstraße 1). The rubbish collection takes place periodically and the annual calendar will provide you with the details necessary about the collection schedule.

Fire brigade, ambulance and police

In case of an emergency two telephone numbers are important to know: If you dial 112, you will reach the hotline of the fire brigade and the ambulance, while 110 will patch you through to the police. Naturally, both numbers are free of charge.

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