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The B.A. programme Onlinejournalism at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

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How do I prepare for an interview? What is WordPress? And what are the essential points of a successful social media strategy? These are only a few of the many things students learn in the bachelor degree programme online journalism at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. The programme is one of a few in Germany that prepare their future degree holders for the journalistic work in the different fields of online media and also for all new expectations coming with the work with interactive media – for example higher time pressure and the competition for users, clicks and likes.

By Yannic Stock

 Additionally, students have the possibility to develop their skills in two different majors: With the focus on ‘Science and Data’, they will take a closer look at working with statistics and scientific methods – a field of journalism with an increasing demand for specialized staff. Another focus on ‘International Journalism and Europe’ prepares students to work with intercultural topics, and offers an insight in the functioning of EU and the decision-making processes and news items coming from Brussels.
For all students who are interested in the field of public relations in the digital branches, we recommend taking a close look at the B.A. programme online communication.

“Taking closer views on different parts of the media landscape, a strong focus on project work, and the teaching of multimedia modes of operation – all that together makes the bachelor degree programme Onlinejournalism unique in Germany.”
Volker Dohr, news editor and associate professor

As all students of the B.A. Programme are doing a four-month internship during the 4th semester, exchange students will mainly participate in the courses of the 3rd and 5th semester. Please note: The programme only starts in the winter semester, so the 3rd and 5th semester will always take place in the winter semester. As there are no courses in the 4th and only few in the 6th semester, an exchange during the winter semester is highly recommended. If you would, for various reasons, prefer an exchange in the summer semester, it is also possible to find an arrangement.

The courses

The schedule of the 3rd and the 5th semester is mainly set by a project work in your major. In these courses, you will build up a complete editorial department working on a blog project referring to the focus ‘International Journalism’ (click here for last years project kunDAbunt) or ‘Science and Data’ (click here for this year’s project Socialmedianer).

In the 3rd semester, students will as well take a closer look at the topic of multimedia storytelling: Within two different courses they will learn the basics of producing video and audio clips – and of course, do it themselves. ‘Media law’ and ‘media ethical principles’ are also modules that will be taught as part of these courses. Additionally, students are asked to choose an elective referring to their major (e.g. ‘Scandinavian Journalism’).

During the 5th semester, in addition to the project, the topics of communication research and economic journalism will be taught. Electives with a focus on the majors complete the schedule.

The professors

Professor Torsten Schäfer
Professor Schäfer worked as journalist with a focus on travel and environment for different German media like GEO, Deutsche Welle, taz or Süddeutsche Zeitung and is still freelancing additionally to his professorship. He mainly teaches writing (especially interviews and reports) and storytelling, often with focus on topics like the environment and climate protection. He is also the head of gruenerjournalismus.de and the contact person for exchange students in the Onlinejournalism and Onllinecommunication programmes.
Mail: torsten.schaefer@h-da.de
Phone: +49 6071 829291
Twitter: @umweltredakteur

Professor Lorenz Lorenz-Meyer
Professor Lorenz-Meyer is the head of the B.A. programme online journalism and professor since its very beginning in 2004. Also, he is also an online journalist of the first hour and is active in this field since 1994. He mainly teaches journalism basics and web literacy (with focus on content management and multimedia production techniques). In this interview he answers several important questions about the programme.
E-Mail: lorenz.lorenz-meyer@h-da.de
Tel: +49 6071 829271
Twitter: @lorenzlm

Professor Silke Heimes
Professor Heimes is holding a professorship in the field of journalism at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences since 2014. Before that, she was teaching at the Hamburg Medical School. She has a doctorate in medical science as well as a degree in German language and literature studies, which makes her a perfect match for the field of health journalism, in which she is also active for a long time. Her focus in teaching is not only put on the topics of health and science journalism, but also on creative writing, fictional telling and storytelling as well as new journalism. In addition to that she is the head of the programme’s examination board.
E-Mail: silke.heimes@h-da.de
Tel.: +49 6071 829407
Website: http://www.silke-heimes.de

Professor Peter Seeger
Professor Seeger became professor in communication studies at h_da back in 1996. Today, upcoming h_da online journalists benefit from his extensive knowledge in the fields of media markets, politics and economics. He is also very active in researching the concept of slow media.
E-Mail: seeger@h-da.de
Tel. +49 6071 829424

Professor Peter Schumacher
Professor Schumacher has been professor in the online journalism programme for more than six years now. His focus is on teaching research methods, editorial office management and innovations in journalism. At the moment, he has been temporarily released from his professorship in Darmstadt to conduct work at the Civil Peace Service (CPS) in Colombia.
E-Mail: peter.schumacher@h-da.de
Tel: +49 6151 169421
Website: http://www.peter-schumacher.net
Twitter: @peterschu

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