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Introduction + info about courses in English

18foto-anhalt-deDear international students,

my name is Prof. Dr. Torsten Schäfer. I welcome you as the responsable international coordinator of the study programs Online Journalism (BA), Online Communication (BA) and Media Developemt (MA) at Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da), Darmstadt’s University of Aplied Science.

Here you can find a new collection of useful an (hopefully) entertaining texts, videos and maps about our study programs, Dieburg’s media campus and Darmstadt as a real student’s city. And here‘ s also some information about our courses in English. We will set up an individual schedule for each exchange students; enough courses in English are offered.

To explain it better, I show you here the schedule of an Erasmus student from 2016; it’s the typical mixture of media classes we select for most of our incoming students. The offer of journalism and communication courses in English changes every semester since we depend on the offer of different faculties and institutes.

We consider electives for all media study programs (here „Media Monday“) of the University’s media campus in Dieburg as well as offers from the department of Social and Cultural Sciences (in this case classes about migration and climate change) – plus language classes:


Feel free to surf, read and watch – and if there are any questions left, don’t hesitate to contact our International Office (E-Mail: dieburg.international@h-da.de  for general information) our myself (torsten.schaefer@h-da.de) for questions especially related to our offers in Online Journalism and Online Communication,


Torsten Schäfer

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„Snapchat hab ich erstmals in Schweden benutzt“

Warum Onlinejournalismus nur in deutschen Reaktionen kennenlernen? Raphael Warnke hat sich anders entschieden und sein Pflicht-praktikum in Stockholm verbracht. Dort lernte er, wie eine internationale Redaktion tickt, welche Medien Schweden nutzen. Und was die Hauptstadt zum Abgehen und Ausrutschen so alles zu bieten hat.

Interview: Gabriela Bravo Weiterlesen

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How to survive in Darmstadt

Studying abroad is exciting – especially when you have no clue what to expect from the people’s culture and the city you will live in. Finally, basic questions come up. You wonder where to live and shop as a student – and how to travel and get around in Darmstadt. Here’s an overview. Take five minutes for reading this article – it will help you to feel home faster!

By Julia Pannewick Weiterlesen